gerd faltings rational points seminar bonn wuppertal 1983 84 a publication of the max planck institut fur mathematik bonn

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Массажное кресло Bonn, Gess

Многофункциональное массажное кресло Gess Bonn эффективно проработает все зоны тела, позволит быстро расслабиться и забыть о болевых ощущениях в мышцах!

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Массажное кресло Gess Bonn (черное) GESS-797 black

Гарантия: 2 года Страна-производитель: Китай Тип: массажное кресло Мощность (вт): 230

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Schmidt-Loske Katharina Maria Sibylla Merian, Insects of Surinam

At a time when few women were educated or literate - and rarely travelled - German-born naturalist and artist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) made history with her studies of insects in Surinam. Trained as a copperplate engraver and watercolorist, she documented the metamorphosis of butterflies, laying the foundation for modern entomology. What Merian observed when breeding native species of butterfly triggered her curiosity, and spurred her to further investigation; the development from ovum, via larva and chrysalis, to adult butterfly was not fully understood in the 17th century. And not every pupa developed into a butterfly, which puzzled Merian for a long time. On seeing a collection of butterflies from Dutch Guiana, modern Surinam, she decided to study tropical flora and fauna, to discover whether the moths and butterflies she saw in collections shared the same life cycle as those she had bred: the egg and caterpillar stage. In 1699 she sailed for South America with daughter Dorothea, the first time any woman had ventured on a journey of exploration on this scale. Having evaluated and categorized her specimens, in 1705 she published her major work Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium, in Dutch and Latin. She made 60 copperplate engravings to illustrate the stages of insect development, arranged around the cultivated and wild plants she had encountered on her travels. With its detailed text and imagery, the Metamorphosis is the first work on the natural history of Surinam. For 17th century Europeans it was an insight into an unknown world. TASCHEN's reprint of a hand-colored first edition copy, belonging to the University Library of Basel, includes the complete plates with a commentary by Katharina Schmidt-Loske. Merian accomplished a pioneering achievement of the modern age. This publication pays homage to her work and offers readers an opportunity to appreciate her sumptuous engravings. About the author: Katharina Schmidt-Loske studied biology in Munster, Bonn, and Frankfurt am Main, with a focus on insects and reptiles, and has worked as a book illustrator. She earned her doctorate at the University of Bonn with a dissertation entitled Die Tierwelt der Maria Sibylla Merian (The Fauna of Maria Sibylla Merian), published in 2007. In 2008 she was appointed director of the Biohistoricum at the Museum Koenig, Bonn.

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Galeyev Ildar, Penson Miron Max Penson: Photographer of the Uzbek Avant-Garde 1920s-1940s

From 1924 the Russian photojournalist Max Penson (1893 - 1959) travelled through his adoptive homeland of Uzbekistan as a reporter. His photographs offer insight into a time when the country was loosening its centuries-old traditions and was confronted with a new political and social structure. These photographs, discovered three years ago in an attic and shown for the first time in this publication, come from the photographer's so far unseen legacy. They portray a country that in the early 20th century was a largely unknown part of mysterious and magical Central Asia. The awakening from this fairytale began just at the time when Max Penson was on the road with his camera, transmitting the upheaval of this ancient culture in fascinating photo reportages. Like no other photographer of his generation Max Penson documented the radical changes of a country that was only just being liberated from medieval social structures. Max Penson, a contemporary of the artist Alexander Rodtschenko and a friend of the film director Sergej Eisenstein, left behind a unique documentation of these changes. Max Penson was a photographer between tradition and revolution. This publication presents, by means of recently rediscovered works, the extraordinary documentary achievement of the Russian photojournalist, who portrayed in gripping photo reportages Uzbekistan's transformation from a medieval social structure to a Soviet Socialist Republic. Книга на английском, немецком и русском языках.

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William Belsham Remarks on a late publication, styled The history of the politics of Great Britain and France

Полный вариант заголовка: «Remarks on a late publication, styled The history of the politics of Great Britain and France, etc. and etc. / by William Belsham».

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Hagedorn Annette Islamic Art

The art which arose from the 7th century in the Islamic empires reached from Spain and Morocco to the borders of China. It bore the stamp above all of Arabs, Persians and Turks, but outstanding contributions also came from Egypt and India. "Islamic Art" presents prominent examples: luxury ceramics, prayer mats, goldsmithery, as well as witnesses to the decorative arts and calligraphy - and above all the masterpieces of the splendidly colourful courtly book illumination of Persia and the Mughal emperors of India. The book examines the contributions of the different countries and how they influenced each other, and in this way vividly illustrates the unfolding of the delicate splendour and fairytale beauty of Islamic art from its beginnings into the modern era. About the editor: Norbert Wolf gratuated in art history, linguistics and medieval studies at the universities of Regensburg and Munich, and earned his PhD in 1983. He held visiting professorships in Marburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg-Erlangen, and Innsbruck. His extensive writings on art history include many TASCHEN titles, such as Diego Velazquez, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Caspar David Friedrich, Expressionism, Romanesque, Landscape Painting. About the author: Annette Hagedorn studied the history of oriental art, German literature, and art history at the universities of Bonn and Mainz. She has held part-time teaching posts at the universities of Bonn, Mainz and Utrecht. In 1991 she was awarded the Alice-Boner-Memorial Prize from the Alice Boner Foundation in Zurich for her dissertation on Islamic metalwork in the 13th and 14th centuries. Since 2000 she has been co-editor, responsible for art history and archaeology, of the journal Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft. Издание на английском языке.

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H. G. Widdowson Teaching Language as Communication

This book develops a rational approach to the teaching of language as communication, based on a careful consideration of the nature of language and of the language user's activities. It will stimulate all language teachers to investigate the ideas that inform their own practice.

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Ian Dunn S. Searching for Molecular Solutions. Empirical Discovery and Its Future

A comprehensive look at empirical approaches to molecular discovery, their relationships with rational design, and the future of both Empirical methods of discovery, along with serendipitous and rational design approaches, have played an important role in human history. Searching for Molecular Solutions compares empirical discovery strategies for biologically useful molecules with serendipitous discovery and rational design, while also considering the strengths and limitations of empirical pathways to molecular discovery. Logically arranged, this text examines the different modes of molecular discovery, empha-sizing the historical and ongoing importance of empirical strategies. Along with a broad overview of the subject matter, Searching for Molecular Solutions explores: The differing modes of molecular discovery Biological precedents for evolutionary approaches Directed evolutionary methods and related areas Enzyme evolution and design Functional nucleic acid discovery Antibodies and other recognition molecules General aspects of molecular recognition Small molecule discovery approaches Rational molecular design The interplay between empirical and rational strategies and their ongoing roles in the future of molecular discovery Searching for Molecular Solutions covers several major areas of modern research, development, and practical applications of molecular sciences. This text offers empirical-rational principles of broad relevance to scientists, professionals, and students interested in general aspectsof molecular discovery, as well as the thought processes behind experimental approaches. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Отсутствует The art of poetry. Vol. 2

Полный вариант заголовка: «The art of poetry : Vol. 2 : on a new plan : illustrated with a great variety of examples from the best English poets : and of translations from the ancients : together with such reflections and critical remarks as may tend to form in our youth an elegant tаste, and render the study of this part of the belles lettres more rational and pleasing».

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Отсутствует Russian business law: the essentials

This publication is intended to provide you with accurate and authoritative information concerning the subject matter covered. However, this publication is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you require a legal or other expert advice, you should seek the services of a competent attorney or other professional.

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Автокресло Babyhit, Bonn, с 9 месяцев - 12 лет

Товар в асcортименте  вариант цвета в поставке не гарантирован! Автокресло Babyhit BonnОписание автокресла Babyhit Bonn:    5-ти точечные ремни безопасности с удерживающей системой    Регулировка ремней безопасности по высоте в 3-х положениях    Широкое сиденье и спинка    Мягкие вкладыши на сиденье    Мягкие плечевые накладки    Разбирается до бустера    Съемный чехол можно стирать при t 30с    Фиксация автокресла с помощью штатных ремней безопасностиХарактеристики:    Размеры автокресла: 44 х 45 х 68 см (

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Треклист: 1. DVD 1 Ouvertura (ERSTER AKT)2. "La mia Dorabella" (ERSTER AKT)3. "Fuor la spada" (ERSTER AKT)4. E la fede delle femmine (ERSTER AKT)5. Scocchiere di poeti! (ERSTER AKT)6. "Una bella serenata" (ERSTER AKT)7. "Ah, guarda, sorella" (ERSTER AKT)8. "Mi par che stamattina" (ERSTER AKT)9. Vorrei dir, e cor non ho (ERSTER AKT)10. Stelle! Per carita, signor Alfonso, non ci fate morir (ERSTER AKT)11. "Sento, oh Dio, che questo piede" (ERSTER AKT)12. "La commedia # graziosa" (ERSTER AKT)13. Bella vita militar! (ERSTER AKT)14. Non v

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