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Коллектив авторов Folk Tales of the Russian Empire

It has long been known that the folk tale is the soul of people. Since ancient times, the Russian Empire was formed as a multi-ethnic country. The Russian language and Russian culture are the fruit of the interaction of different cultures and peoples living in the vast territory. That is why this book presents folk tales of Native peoples inhabiting Russia in different years. Each tale, presented in this book, reflects some features, typical for people of a particular nation.

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М. Т. Майстровская Музей как объект культуры. XX век. Искусство экспозиционного ансамбля

Книга посвящена развитию искусства музейной экспозиции и музея как объекта культуры ХХ века. Она является продолжением книги «Музей как объект культуры. Искусство экспозиционного ансамбля» (М.: Прогресс-Традиция, 2015). В работе анализируются вопросы формирования архитектурно-художественного построения музея, искусства экспозиции в контексте общехудожественных и культурных тенденций времени. На примере выдающихся европейских и отечественных музеев и крупнейших выставок рассматриваются основные периоды, характер композиционных взаимосвязей, принципы и приемы, средства выразительности экспозиционного ансамбля. Внимание уделяется вопросам выставочной экспозиции довоенного и послевоенного периодов, как всемирные и универсальные, так и в большей части музейные. Архитектурно-художественное построение рассматривается в качестве одного из сложнейших жанров средового искусства и дизайна, с присущими ему качествами, средствами выразительности, принципами построения среды и образа, научными концепциями, в контексте исторического развития, художественных стилей, тенденций и направлений ХХ столетия. Приводятся проекты крупнейших архитекторов, художников и дизайнеров, работавших в сфере музейного строительства и искусства экспозиции. Книга адресована художникам, дизайнерам, сотрудникам музеев, преподавателям и студентам учебных заведений данного профиля, практикам, занимающимся экспозиционной деятельностью, а также всем тем, кто интересуется вопросами искусства и культуры. The book deals with the development of the museum display art and the museum as an object of culture in the XX century. It is the continuation of the book “Museum as Object of Culture. Art of Exhibition Ensemble” (M.: Progress-Tradition, 2015. The problems of formation of the architectural and artistic scheme of the museum and the exhibition art in the context of general artistic and cultural trends of the time are analyzed. The main periods, the character of compositional interrelations, principles and techniques, expressive means of an exhibition ensemble are considered through the examples of theoutstanding European and Russian museums. The problems of exhibition display of pre- and post- World War II periods, both global and universal, and mainly museum in character are emphasized. Architectural and artistic scheme is considered as one of the most complicated genres of space design and art with specific reference to its salient features, expressive means, principles of space and image formation and scientific concepts in the context of the historic development of artistic styles, trends and movements of the XX century. The projects of the prominent architects, artists and designers involved in museum construction and exhibition art are referred to. The book is designed for those who are interested in the problems of art and culture as well as artists and designers, museum curators, lecturers and students of the specialized educational institutions, and experts in the sphere of exhibition activity.

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Victor Anatolievich Tarasov-Shlishan Partridge's igloo

Partridge's igloo is the story of the fantastic adventures of a Soviet surveyor. During the development of natural resources of the Far North of the USSR. At the heart of storytelling is an idea and notes of my father – Tarasov Anatoly Nikolaevich. Dedicated to all Pioneers of the Far North of the USSR. For a wide range of readers.

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Julian Murchison Ethnography Essentials. Designing, Conducting, and Presenting Your Research

A comprehensive and practical guide to ethnographic research, this book guides you through the process, starting with the fundamentals of choosing and proposing a topic and selecting a research design. It describes methods of data collection (taking notes, participant observation, interviewing, identifying themes and issues, creating ethnographic maps and tables and charts, and referring to secondary sources) and analyzing and writing ethnography (sorting and coding data, answering questions, choosing a presentation style, and assembling the ethnography). Although content is focused on producing written ethnography, many of the principles and methods discussed here also apply to other forms of ethnographic presentation, including ethnographic film. Designed to give basic hands-on experience in the overall ethnography research process, Ethnography Essentials covers a wealth of topics, enabling anyone new to ethnography research to successfully explore the excitement and challenges of field research.

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Gallery of 19th and 20th century European and American Art

The Gallery, a new section of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, opened its doors to the public in August 2006. The setting up of the Gallery was the next step in the development of the Museum, following the opening of a new building for the Museum of Private Collections in 2005 and the Museion Centre of Aesthetic Training for children and young people in 2006. The appearance of the Gallery is a continuation of the plan to surround the main building, which was erected from a design by the architect Roman Klein in 1912, with a "museum town", something the museum's founder, Professor Ivan Vladimirovich Tsvetaev dreamed of in his day.

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The Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence - set in Istanbul between 1975 and today - tells the story of Kemal, the son of one of Istanbul's richest families, and of his obsessive love...

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Русский музей: Альбом путеводитель, на английском языке

The Russian Museum was opened in 1895, by a decree of Tsar Alexander III, and as such was the first state owned museum of art in Russia. Housed in the Mikhailovsky Palace (architect C.Rossi), the Museum numbers nearly 400.000 exhibits, and has a huge range of Russian art which rival that of the Tretiakov in Moscow. The exhibits date from ancient icons to the Avant-garde school of painting of the 20th century, and include many landmarks in the history of Russian art, such as Bruillov's 'The Last Day of Pompeii', and Repin's 'The Barge Haulers'.

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Andrey Tikhomirov The Semites. Languages, peoples, migrations, customs

The book tells about languages, peoples, migration movements of Semitic peoples. About how a Semitic community arises, the emergence of beliefs, customs, rites, rituals. Various historical and ethnographic sources of different times are involved. Short data in Amharic, Arabic, Hebrew and Maltese.

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Hagen Rose-Marie, Hagen Rainer Egyptian Art

From the Land of the Pharaohs. The finest treasures from Ancient Egypt. The art of ancient Egypt that has been handed down to us bears no names of its creators, and yet we value the creations of these unknown masters no less than the works of later centuries, such as statues by Michelangelo or the paintings by Leonardo da Vinci. This book introduces some of the most important masterpieces, ranging from the Old Kingdom during the Third millennium BC, to the Late Period in the 9th century BC. The works encompass sculptures, reliefs, sarcophagi, murals, masks, and decorative items, most of them now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but some occupying places of honor as part of the World Cultural Heritage in museums such as the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London, the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Featured works include: Seated statue of King Djoser. Wood relief of Hesire on a dining table. Statue of a scribe made of various materials. Funerary relief of Aschait. Sphinx of Sesostris III. Robed statue of Cherihotep. Reliefs from the Temple at Carnac. Sarcophagus of Queen Hatshepsut. Murals from Thebes. Seated figure of the goddess Sachmet. Statue of Queen Teje. Head of Akhenaten (Amenophis IV). Queen Nefertiti. Golden mask of Tutankhamun. Ramses II from Abu Simbel. Horus falcon made of granite. Stone relief from the temple ambulatory at Edfu.

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Hagen Rose-Marie, Hagen Rainer Egypt Art

The art of ancient Egypt that has been handed down to us bears no names of its creators, and yet we value the creations of these unknown masters no less than the works of later centuries, such as statues by Michelangelo or the paintings by Leonardo da Vinci. The present volume introduces a series of such masterpieces, ranging from the Old Kingdom, or the 3rd millennium B.C., to the Late Period in the 9th century B.C. The works in question are sculptures, reliefs, sarcophagi, murals, masks, and decorative items, most of them now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but some occupying places of honor as part of the world cultural heritage in museums such as the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London, the Egyptian Museum in Berlin and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Featured works include: Seated statue of King Djoser, wood relief of Hesire on a dining table, the statue of a scribe made of various materials, funerary relief of Aschait, a Sphinx of Sesostris III, a robed statue of Cherihotep, reliefs from the Temple at Carnac, sarcophagus of Queen Hatshepsut, murals from Thebes, seated figure of the goddess Sachmet, precious statue of Queen Teje, head of Akhenaten (Amenophis IV), Queen Nefertiti, golden mask of Tutankhamun , Ramses II from Abu Simbel, Horus-falcon made of granite, stone relief on the temple ambulatory at Edfu. Издание на английском языке.

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Тяжелов В. Н. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. GUIDE

"On 17 (29) August 1898, the scene in the former Carriage Yard near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Volkhonka was unusually animated. Members of the royal family had just arrived. Professors and students of Moscow University, artists, young ladies from the Alexandro-Mariinsky Institute, government officials, and members of the City Duma, the nobility and the merchantry had taken their places on two specially installed stands. On one stand the Moscow intelligentsia was congregated: ladies in white dresses and hats, gentlemen in dark morning suits. The other stand was resplendent with frothy lace and the aiguillettes of military uniforms. The occasion was the laying of the foundation stone for a new Moscow museum, created on public funds, the Museum of Fine Arts named in honour of Emperor Alexander III and attached to the Imperial Moscow University."

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Safrew Ethan Treasures of the Hermitage Museum.

Discover one of the world's finest art collections... The Hermitage museum in St Petersburg, Russia. As the former palace of Catherine the Great, the museum was furnished with the finest artworks from around the world. Today, the museum's collection boasts masterpieces by da Vinci and Monet as well as many uniquely Russian items, such as glorious Faberg pieces. Marvel at the riches of the Hermitage with this stunning jigsaw book, featuring four 96-piece jigsaws of its greatest treasures. Издание содержит 4 красочных паззла по 96 элементов в каждом.

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Museums of Russia

Many Russian Museums of the world significance, both metropolitan and provincial, are well-known. The book narrates about such indisputable symbols of Russian culture as the State Hermitage and Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery and the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.Pushkin; about eloquent witnesses of many centuries, that are the Moscow Kremlin and the kremlins of other cities; about the oldest museums such as the Central Naval Museum established in St. Petersburg in 1709 in the order of Peter I, the Kunstkammer, which was opened in 1714 as the first Russian public museum. The reader can find here also the articles on the memorial museums, museums-estates and the most interesting private museums. Издание на английском языке.

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Georgy Zobach Gold history of weightlifting in Leningrad (USSR). 1970—86 Records & Champions

This is the second book in the series «Gold history of weightlifting in Leningrad». First book – «Gold history of weightlifting in Leningrad» / 1960—69. Its are about the gold time of the Leningrad weightlifting, list the protocols of Spartakiads, championships of Leningrad, records of the city. Archives of the author. Readers will be able to trace the growth of the results, remember the names of the champions of the great city. These books are for coaches, athletes and fans of weightlifting.

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Irish Fairy & Folk Tales

This collection of 10 Irish Fairy & Folk Tales is set in Medieval Ireland and features an array of characters from hunters and warriors to kings and fairies. First published in 1920 the tales draw from the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology, the third of the four major cycles of Irish mythology which is the most extensive and best-preserved branch of Celtic mythology.

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Andrey Tikhomirov The Romanic peoples. Indo-European migrations

The book talks about the ancient migratory movements of the Romanic peoples after they left their original Indo-European home, the southern region of the Ural steppe, the Black Sea.

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Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology, arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend the unveiling of a discovery that “will change the face of...

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Christian Dior

Capturing the highlights of the major Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, this stunning souvenir celebrates the House of Dior from...

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Треклист: 1. DVD 1 Ouvertura (ERSTER AKT)2. "La mia Dorabella" (ERSTER AKT)3. "Fuor la spada" (ERSTER AKT)4. E la fede delle femmine (ERSTER AKT)5. Scocchiere di poeti! (ERSTER AKT)6. "Una bella serenata" (ERSTER AKT)7. "Ah, guarda, sorella" (ERSTER AKT)8. "Mi par che stamattina" (ERSTER AKT)9. Vorrei dir, e cor non ho (ERSTER AKT)10. Stelle! Per carita, signor Alfonso, non ci fate morir (ERSTER AKT)11. "Sento, oh Dio, che questo piede" (ERSTER AKT)12. "La commedia # graziosa" (ERSTER AKT)13. Bella vita militar! (ERSTER AKT)14. Non v

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