alaa abdullah and salwa abd on fixed point theorems in some types of spaces

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Stevan Pilipovic Fractional Calculus with Applications in Mechanics. Vibrations and Diffusion Processes

This book contains mathematical preliminaries in which basic definitions of fractional derivatives and spaces are presented. The central part of the book contains various applications in classical mechanics including fields such as: viscoelasticity, heat conduction, wave propagation and variational Hamilton–type principles. Mathematical rigor will be observed in the applications. The authors provide some problems formulated in the classical setting and some in the distributional setting. The solutions to these problems are presented in analytical form and these solutions are then analyzed numerically. Theorems on the existence of solutions will be presented for all examples discussed. In using various constitutive equations the restrictions following from the second law of thermodynamics will be implemented. Finally, the physical implications of obtained solutions will be discussed in detail.

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Jacques Simon Banach, Fréchet, Hilbert and Neumann Spaces

This book is the first of a set dedicated to the mathematical tools used in partial differential equations derived from physics. Its focus is on normed or semi-normed vector spaces, including the spaces of Banach, Fréchet and Hilbert, with new developments on Neumann spaces, but also on extractable spaces. The author presents the main properties of these spaces, which are useful for the construction of Lebesgue and Sobolev distributions with real or vector values and for solving partial differential equations. Differential calculus is also extended to semi-normed spaces. Simple methods, semi-norms, sequential properties and others are discussed, making these tools accessible to the greatest number of students – doctoral students, postgraduate students – engineers and researchers without restricting or generalizing the results.

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Humphrey Davies Friendly Fire

The new book from Alaa Al Aswany, author of the international bestsellers The Yacoubian Building and ChicagoFriendly Fire is a novella and collection of short stories from Alaa Al Aswany, author of the bestselling The Yacoubian Building. As in that novel, Al Aswany dissects modern Egyptian society and reveals with skill and detachment the hypocrisy, violence and abuse of power characteristic of a world in moral crisis. Here, though, the focus has shifted from the broad historical canvas to the minute stitches of pain that hold together an individual, a family, a school classroom, or the relationship between a man and a woman. Can a man so alienated from his society that he regards all its members as no better than microbes wriggling under a microscope survive within it? Can cynical religiosity triumph over human decency? Can a man put the thought of a delicious dish of beans behind him long enough to mourn his father's death? Alongside these wry questions, other, less mordant perspectives also have their place: an ageing cabaret dancer bestows the blessing of a vanished world on her lover's son; a crippled boy wins subjective victory from objective disaster. In Friendly Fire, readers will find again the vivid, passionate characters of today's Cairo, clamouring to be heard.Friendly Fire also features an introduction by Alaa Al Aswany giving the history of the novella, 'The Isam Abd el-Ati Papers', which was banned in Egypt for a decade.

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Georgi Hristov Influence of asymmetrical military confrontation on market structure. From the Behavioral point of view by Semiotic approach

In this work I look how the conflicts influence on the market structure and its peculiar communication. At the same time is appraised the semiotic substance and power of the signs for the interpretation of a coercive changing economic reality. In the specific aspects of examination are included typical moments of military confrontation in Ukraine and in the territories, where Islamic State has activity. Some observations of the wars in ex-Yugoslavia from the 90s are also included.

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Séverine Dubuisson Tracking with Particle Filter for High-dimensional Observation and State Spaces

This title concerns the use of a particle filter framework to track objects defined in high-dimensional state-spaces using high-dimensional observation spaces. Current tracking applications require us to consider complex models for objects (articulated objects, multiple objects, multiple fragments, etc.) as well as multiple kinds of information (multiple cameras, multiple modalities, etc.). This book presents some recent research that considers the main bottleneck of particle filtering frameworks (high dimensional state spaces) for tracking in such difficult conditions.

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Boris Harlamov Stochastic Risk Analysis and Management

The author investigates the Cramer –Lundberg model, collecting the most interesting theorems and methods, which estimate probability of default for a company of insurance business. These offer different kinds of approximate values for probability of default on the base of normal and diffusion approach and some special asymptotic.

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Bae-Gyoon Park Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia. Neoliberalizing Spaces in Developmental States

Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia: Neoliberalizing Spaces in Developmental States examines the influence of neo-liberal ideologies on urban and regional policies and practices in several Asian Pacific nations. Represents one of the few studies of neoliberal changes in East Asia, one of the most important topics in social science research over the past two decades Considers the Asian perspective by focusing on readings from Asian experts Pays special attention to the ‘spatial' dimension of the East Asian neoliberalization Examines the influence of neo-liberal ideologies on urban and regional policies and practices in several Asian Pacific nations Explores the evolving relationship between the two political economies

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Hosseini K. And the Mountains Echoed

Ten-year-old Abdullah would do anything for his younger sister. In a life of poverty and struggle, with no mother to care for them, Pari is the only person who brings Abdullah happiness. For her, he will trade his only pair of shoes to give her a feather for her treasured collection. When their father sets off with Pari across the desert to Kabul in search of work, Abdullah is determined not to be separated from her. Neither brother nor sister know what this fateful journey will bring them. .

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Sacred Spaces

From St. Peter's Basilica in Rome to Notre-Dame in Paris, Christian churches represent some of our most significant architectural achievements, designed to evoke...

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Kwang-Yul Kim Energy Balance Climate Models

Written by renowned experts in the field, this first book to focus exclusively on energy balance climate models provides a concise overview of the topic. It covers all major aspects, from the simplest zero-dimensional models, proceeding to horizontally and vertically resolved models. The text begins with global average models, which are explored in terms of their elementary forms yielding the global average temperature, right up to the incorporation of feedback mechanisms and some analytical properties of interest. The effect of stochastic forcing is then used to introduce natural variability in the models before turning to the concept of stability theory. Other one dimensional or zonally averaged models are subsequently presented, along with various applications, including chapters on paleoclimatology, the inception of continental glaciations, detection of signals in the climate system, and optimal estimation of large scale quantities from point scale data. Throughout the book, the authors work on two mathematical levels: qualitative physical expositions of the subject material plus optional mathematical sections that include derivations and treatments of the equations along with some proofs of stability theorems. A must-have introduction for policy makers, environmental agencies, and NGOs, as well as climatologists, molecular physicists, and meteorologists.

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Paul F.A. Bartha Analysis in Vector Spaces

A rigorous introduction to calculus in vector spaces The concepts and theorems of advanced calculus combined with related computational methods are essential to understanding nearly all areas of quantitative science. Analysis in Vector Spaces presents the central results of this classic subject through rigorous arguments, discussions, and examples. The book aims to cultivate not only knowledge of the major theoretical results, but also the geometric intuition needed for both mathematical problem-solving and modeling in the formal sciences. The authors begin with an outline of key concepts, terminology, and notation and also provide a basic introduction to set theory, the properties of real numbers, and a review of linear algebra. An elegant approach to eigenvector problems and the spectral theorem sets the stage for later results on volume and integration. Subsequent chapters present the major results of differential and integral calculus of several variables as well as the theory of manifolds. Additional topical coverage includes: Sets and functions Real numbers Vector functions Normed vector spaces First- and higher-order derivatives Diffeomorphisms and manifolds Multiple integrals Integration on manifolds Stokes' theorem Basic point set topology Numerous examples and exercises are provided in each chapter to reinforce new concepts and to illustrate how results can be applied to additional problems. Furthermore, proofs and examples are presented in a clear style that emphasizes the underlying intuitive ideas. Counterexamples are provided throughout the book to warn against possible mistakes, and extensive appendices outline the construction of real numbers, include a fundamental result about dimension, and present general results about determinants. Assuming only a fundamental understanding of linear algebra and single variable calculus, Analysis in Vector Spaces is an excellent book for a second course in analysis for mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering majors at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also serves as a valuable reference for further study in any discipline that requires a firm understanding of mathematical techniques and concepts.

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Andrei Bourchtein Counterexamples on Uniform Convergence. Sequences, Series, Functions, and Integrals

A comprehensive and thorough analysis of concepts and results on uniform convergence Counterexamples on Uniform Convergence: Sequences, Series, Functions, and Integrals presents counterexamples to false statements typically found within the study of mathematical analysis and calculus, all of which are related to uniform convergence. The book includes the convergence of sequences, series and families of functions, and proper and improper integrals depending on a parameter. The exposition is restricted to the main definitions and theorems in order to explore different versions (wrong and correct) of the fundamental concepts and results. The goal of the book is threefold. First, the authors provide a brief survey and discussion of principal results of the theory of uniform convergence in real analysis. Second, the book aims to help readers master the presented concepts and theorems, which are traditionally challenging and are sources of misunderstanding and confusion. Finally, this book illustrates how important mathematical tools such as counterexamples can be used in different situations. The features of the book include: An overview of important concepts and theorems on uniform convergence Well-organized coverage of the majority of the topics on uniform convergence studied in analysis courses An original approach to the analysis of important results on uniform convergence based\ on counterexamples Additional exercises at varying levels of complexity for each topic covered in the book A supplementary Instructor’s Solutions Manual containing complete solutions to all exercises, which is available via a companion website Counterexamples on Uniform Convergence: Sequences, Series, Functions, and Integrals is an appropriate reference and/or supplementary reading for upper-undergraduate and graduate-level courses in mathematical analysis and advanced calculus for students majoring in mathematics, engineering, and other sciences. The book is also a valuable resource for instructors teaching mathematical analysis and calculus. ANDREI BOURCHTEIN, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Pelotas State University in Brazil. The author of more than 100 referred articles and five books, his research interests include numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, numerical weather prediction, and real analysis. Dr. Andrei Bourchtein received his PhD in Mathematics and Physics from the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia. LUDMILA BOURCHTEIN, PhD, is Senior Research Scientist at the Institute of Physics and Mathematics at Pelotas State University in Brazil. The author of more than 80 referred articles and three books, her research interests include real and complex analysis, conformal mappings, and numerical analysis. Dr. Ludmila Bourchtein received her PhD in Mathematics from Saint Petersburg State University in Russia.

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Heindel Theodore J. An Introduction to Bioreactor Hydrodynamics and Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer

Reviews and compares the major types of bioreactors, defines their pros and cons, and identifies research needs and figures of merit that have yet to be addressed Describes common modes of operation in bioreactors Covers the three common bioreactor types, including stirred-tank bioreactors, bubble column bioreactors, and airlift bioreactors Details less common bioreactors types, including fixed bed bioreactors and novel bioreactor designs Discusses advantages and disadvantages of each bioreactor and provides a procedure for optimal bioreactor selection based on current process needs Reviews the problems of bioreactor selection globally while considering all bioreactor options rather than concentrating on one specific bioreactor type

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George Kizer Digital Microwave Communication. Engineering Point-to-Point Microwave Systems

The first book to cover all engineering aspects of microwave communication path design for the digital age Fixed point-to-point microwave systems provide moderate-capacity digital transmission between well-defined locations. Most popular in situations where fiber optics or satellite communication is impractical, it is commonly used for cellular or PCS site interconnectivity where digital connectivity is needed but not economically available from other sources, and in private networks where reliability is most important. Until now, no book has adequately treated all engineering aspects of microwave communications in the digital age. This important new work provides readers with the depth of knowledge necessary for all the system engineering details associated with fixed point-to-point microwave radio path design: the why, what, and how of microwave transmission; design objectives; engineering methodologies; and design philosophy (in the bid, design, and acceptance phase of the project). Written in an easily accessible format, Digital Microwave Communication features an appendix of specialized engineering details and formulas, and offers up chapter coverage of: A Brief History of Microwave Radio Microwave Radio Overview System Components Hypothetical Reference Circuits Multipath Fading Rain Fading Reflections and Obstructions Network Reliability Calculations Regulation of Microwave Radio Networks Radio Network Performance Objectives Designing and Operating Microwave Systems Antennas Radio Diversity Ducting and Obstruction Fading Digital Receiver Interference Path Performance Calculations Digital Microwave Communication: Engineering Point-to-Point Microwave Systems will be of great interest to engineers and managers who specify, design, or evaluate fixed point-to-point microwave systems associated with communications systems and equipment manufacturers, independent and university research organizations, government agencies, telecommunications services, and other users.

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Rob Imrie Care and Design. Bodies, Buildings, Cities

Care and Design: Bodies, Buildings, Cities connects the study of design with care, and explores how concepts of care may have relevance for the ways in which urban environments are designed. It explores how practices and spaces of care are sustained specifically in urban settings, thereby throwing light on an important arena of care that current work has rarely discussed in detail.

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Osgood Josiah A Companion to Persius and Juvenal

A Companion to Persius and Juvenal breaks new ground in its in-depth focus on both authors as «satiric successors»; detailed individual contributions suggest original perspectives on their work, and provide an in-depth exploration of Persius' and Juvenal's afterlives. Provides detailed and up-to-date guidance on the texts and contexts of Persius and Juvenal Offers substantial discussion of the reception of both authors, reflecting some of the most innovative work being done in contemporary Classics Contains a thorough exploration of Persius' and Juvenal's afterlives

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Треклист: 1. DVD 1 Ouvertura (ERSTER AKT)2. "La mia Dorabella" (ERSTER AKT)3. "Fuor la spada" (ERSTER AKT)4. E la fede delle femmine (ERSTER AKT)5. Scocchiere di poeti! (ERSTER AKT)6. "Una bella serenata" (ERSTER AKT)7. "Ah, guarda, sorella" (ERSTER AKT)8. "Mi par che stamattina" (ERSTER AKT)9. Vorrei dir, e cor non ho (ERSTER AKT)10. Stelle! Per carita, signor Alfonso, non ci fate morir (ERSTER AKT)11. "Sento, oh Dio, che questo piede" (ERSTER AKT)12. "La commedia # graziosa" (ERSTER AKT)13. Bella vita militar! (ERSTER AKT)14. Non v

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